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CoinBox is a new and exciting innovation that brings all of its users closer to their dream holidays and getaways one step at a time in an unprecedented way like never before. It allows you to save as per your ability, for that dream holiday or getaway, by sending whatever amount you are comfortably able directly to your dream holiday hotel or resort. With CoinBox, you can easily save for that holiday, spa treat, drinks out on the weekend, a safari to the Mara, lunch/brunch or dinner at an exclusive restaurant, start saving for it today by joining CoinBox and owning a CoinBox today.
You can hence own CoinBoxes in these diverse and unique listed Brands and you can keep topping up your CoinBox and when its holiday time, well, you guessed right, you get to go on that much deserved holiday, or at any other time you may please! Everyone deserves a holiday.
Everyone wants to go on holiday. In fact, everyone deserves a holiday, if not two or three! But the problem more often than not is usually the lack of funds. However, through this well-thought out innovative mobile application, users who log into our site will be able to view different and diverse holiday plans/programs start saving for their dream holidays one step at a time in small comfortable amounts.
We have new exciting wallets that help you keep track of what you’ve sent and to where. And you can own as many CoinBoxes as you want and start paying for tomorrow today!.
So if you are planning to go on that exclusive dream holiday with family at the award-winning pristine Kenyan beaches at Diani or that romantic night or weekend in the wild at the Mara, start paying for it today at your own pace on CoinBox, and own a CoinBox in exclusive, different and diverse Brands. CoinBox, the new, exciting and innovative way to safely save for holiday, leisure and travel. Start paying for tomorrow today and guarantee your holiday tomorrow. Pay for exclusive brands anywhere. CoinBox has got you covered!
Download the CoinBox App today on Google Appstore and find lots of exciting, amazing, exclusive and diverse brands all waiting for you. Own a CoinBox today and guarantee your holiday tomorrow.

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